I’m going easy on myself this week and making this a short break.  I’ve just started a new job, and I worked 9 days straight, right off the bat, so I’m just a little bit exhausted. I know. It’s a cop-out, but it happens.  But how about some trivia, or just good advice?  Let’s see […]

I’m in a weird mood this week, so the typeface we’ll be discussing is none-other than Comic Sans! It’s not punishment on myself like last week, although this design isn’t my taste. I just happen to understand it as a quirk of the computing industry, and I appreciate the footnotes. If you’re walking into this […]

As punishment for updating late last week, I’ve assigned myself Helvetica. It’s a typeface you’ve no doubt seen, from greeting cards, to some dumb t-shirts, to toothbrushes, to post-Nazi Germany.  That last part’s not true, actually, and you can google it if you want, but I’ll save you the trouble–Helvetica as-we-know-it wasn’t designed until 1957, […]

Three weeks in, and I’m a day late to post by my self-imposed deadline. Oops! Well, now seems as good a time as any to write about my personal favorite: Baskerville.  I feel this typeface has a lot of character. The letters are kind of entertaining to look at, without being absurd or comical.  It’s […]

This week’s typeface is another known and loved set. Garamond is a favorite of my college professor, Dr Waite, and it’s easy to understand why.  Another classy serif set that has lasted the test of time, having it’s origins in the 1500s, Claude Garamont’s works inspired many designs for centuries after.  I wrote previously of […]

When I decided to write this blog, I took a lot of time to consider which design would christen the process. After all the hemming and hawing, it’s Bodoni.  There’s a lot to love about this typeface: it’s beautiful, dignified, while maintaining simplicity.  This is the spirit and intent of the design of the type […]