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Typographic Exploration of Italy

Oops, I’ve failed to post for 2 weeks! Oops. Seriously, oops. I’m very house-proud, and family came into town, and our apartment wasn’t done yet, and a series of unfortunate mistakes were made, and well… my personal indulgence that is This Blog fell by the wayside.  I’ve no excuse for last week. Other than to […]

Catull, just f*ing Google it

Let’s learn about another typeface you probably see everyday 🙂 Catull!! Whaaat, you don’t know what I’m talking about… well, get ready to win a trivia night. Catull is the typeface used by Google for their logotype.  It’s really easy to pass by, take for granted, and avoid examining, however, I’m going to do that […]

FF Meta, almost wasn’t

This will be brief, as it concerns a fairly recently released typeface.  FF Meta was originally commissioned in 1985, but wasn’t released until 1991.  Erik Spiekermann was working on a new typeface for the West German Post Office, but things fell through.  (Just for some perspective of social/political temperature in Germany, the Berlin Wall wasn’t […]

Futura, geometry and simplicity

So we’re in a new place! IRL! Exciting! So I’ll be on a better schedule, and be able to keep to Friday uploads 🙂 Aren’t you just terribly thrilled? … perhaps not. But I’ll imagine you are. At the suggestion of my dear friend and close second love of my life, I’ll be writing about […]

Zapfino, hard road to beauty

I’m back! I was just too stretched thin last week, and because I spent the 4th of July in DC, I just didn’t get home to do a write up… I know, excuses, and this weekend I’ll hopefully be moving into a new apartment, so if I’m going to post, it’s GOT TO BE tonight… […]

Running Late/Tired…

I may not have a proper update this week.  I’m rather tired, since I’ve been apartment hunting on my days off.  I don’t have enough random facts rolling around in my head to give another trivia post, and I don’t really have any interesting stories to tell.  Well. There is my job. Briefly. I now […]

Century Schoolbook, compelling and nostalgic

I really seem to be focusing a lot on serif style. For this I offer no explanation.  I do frequently read things not-on-a-screen, so maybe I just feel more at home.  This week’s focus is Century Schoolbook.  If you open up your MS Word program, you may have more than one selection for Century… Century […]