Monthly Archives: June 2013

Running Late/Tired…

I may not have a proper update this week.  I’m rather tired, since I’ve been apartment hunting on my days off.  I don’t have enough random facts rolling around in my head to give another trivia post, and I don’t really have any interesting stories to tell.  Well. There is my job. Briefly. I now […]

Century Schoolbook, compelling and nostalgic

I really seem to be focusing a lot on serif style. For this I offer no explanation.  I do frequently read things not-on-a-screen, so maybe I just feel more at home.  This week’s focus is Century Schoolbook.  If you open up your MS Word program, you may have more than one selection for Century… Century […]

typography trivia day?

I’m going easy on myself this week and making this a short break.  I’ve just started a new job, and I worked 9 days straight, right off the bat, so I’m just a little bit exhausted. I know. It’s a cop-out, but it happens.  But how about some trivia, or just good advice?  Let’s see […]

Comic Sans, a defense

I’m in a weird mood this week, so the typeface we’ll be discussing is none-other than Comic Sans! It’s not punishment on myself like last week, although this design isn’t my taste. I just happen to understand it as a quirk of the computing industry, and I appreciate the footnotes. If you’re walking into this […]